Jason Svendsen

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Jason Svendsen - Danish Glassblowing design. Frederiksberg alle 45, 1820 Denmark

At Work Jason Svendsen

Product lines: Ensemble, Vintage & Gold,  Pacific and Customized.

These days, good craftmanship and respect for your profession is really appreciated. It gives you a much stronger feel for the products you buy.
Glassblower Jason Svendsen enhances this with his workshop.
For years he has been producing items for some of the best in gastronomic world of Copenhagen.
pacific050116 glass small Designs Wine glasses, Champagne glasses, Cognac glasses, Vases, carafes, butterflies, candle holders.... js050116 Jason Svendsen Started at the Kosta Boda glass factory in Sweden, followed by galleries in New Zealand and Denmark..

Glassblowing Design

The process from creating new designs, develop the right techniques, improve and complete the perfect product is my drive.

inspiration Inspiration Trips around the world is a consistent motivation.

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